Trap Instruction videos and instructions

Victor Professional Rat Traps

Description : A traditional wooden base rat trap that is double sprung for catching and holding rats. Baited on an oversized 5cm yellow plastic pedal. The trap is set in a coreflute tunnel with a small hole at one end for rat entry and a door at the back to remove the trap for baiting.

Danger : If a set trap is accessed and grabbed from top triggering its release.

Trap is set: If trigger arm is set toward the firm or soft position indicated as letters “F” or “S” on the side of the setting control of the plastic pedal.

How to set a Victor Rat Trap in pictures and words

Trigger : A metal arm, hanging central, hooked under the plastic pedal. .

Safe : When metal arm is loose and free from pedal.

Bait: Peanut butter or Erayz paste

DOC 200 or DOC 250

Description : Wooden box 20x20x30cm, with mesh ends, one or two metal trap/s inside (single or double set traps in box) is attached to the base. Pest access is through the first (outer) hole in the mesh, then the inner mesh baffle. The bait is independent of the trap.

Danger : When the top lid of a set trap is open.

Trap is set: If the treadle plate is not covered by the kill bar (grill like set of bars).

Trigger: Is the flat rectangular treadle plate (7x10cm).

Safe : If the kill bar is on the treadle plate.

Release, baiting and resetting the trap: To release, trap can be lightly stomped on or dropped, or with a firm hold on the wire setting loop, depress the treadle plate using a stick or long screwdriver, then slowly lower the kill bars.  Bait is placed between the three nails.  To reset, pull carefully on the wire setting loop with your hand. Continue past the top of the trigger arm, allowing the trigger arm to drop onto the treadle. SLOWLY release pressure, allowing the bottom of the trigger arm to gently ride up treadle and catch on the sear. Can be rebaited without resetting when using the safety tool, placed through the wire setting loop to sit over the kill bar and back bar to hold the trap open.

Printable PDF guide to setting DOC200 traps

Bait: Erayz (dehydrated rabbit meat) or a whole egg

Trapinator Possum trap

Description : : White plastic box (16x18x25cm) mounted on a tree with a key hole shaped entrance on the bottom face and a movement set arm with printed instructions . The trap mechanism is part of the inside of the plastic box. The trap is pegged to the ground. The bait is attached to the trigger.

Danger : If a set trap is accessed through the key hole or from top when the lid is opened.

Trap is set: If the set arm is pointing downward.

Trigger : A metal arm with plastic bait plate attached.

Safe : When set arm is pointing away from tree.

Release and re-setting : To release the dead possum, push the red lever towards the setting position. Un-set the trap by pulling lever forward and apply more bait if needed. Lift up metal bait bar and rotate plastic bait block upwards. Apply suitable bait paste. Return plastic baiter facing downwards. For a greater effect, add bait to tree and bottom of trap. Refit trap lid. Do not attempt to apply bait while trap is set. Reset the trap b pushing the red lever down and back into setting position.

Printable PDF instructions

Bait : Possum lure (Anisseed scented)

Good Nature A24 Self-setting trap

Description : Black and orange plastic trap mounted on a tree (usually around 10cm from ground)

Danger : If a set trap is accessed through the bottom entrance to the trap or from top when the shroud cap and lure bottle/basket is opened.

Trap is set: If gassed

Trigger : When the LEAF TRIGGER (i.e. the steel wand) is pushed sideways. The STRIKER will discharge with a bang and then slowly retract.

Safe : When fegassed AND depressurized.  

How to rebait : Remove top black shroud cap and replace bait (can use Erayz blocks which need replacement every month or squeeze bottles from Good Nature which need to be squeezed every month and replaced every six months. Or Automatic Lure Pumps (ALPs) from Good Nature which need replacement every six months.

How to change gas canister : Remove CO2 canister. Ensure the trap is DE-PRESSURIZED before any new
CO2 CANISTER is installed. To DE-PRESSURIZE the trap, firstly remove the SHROUD CAP, unscrew the LURE BOTTLE, and fire the remaining charge in the trap by reaching a stick down through the LURE BOTTLE CRADLE and pushing the LEAF TRIGGER (i.e. the steel wand) sideways. The striker will discharge with a bang. Always treat the trap as live until you have de-gassed and de-pressurized it. Always keep fingers clear of the SHROUD ENTRANCE. If the trap doesn’t fire then it has run out of gas at some earlier point. Screw new gas canister in place. Test fire by using a stick as above. Then, replace lure bottle/basket and shroud cap (and counter if applicable)

More instructions from Good Nature