Oi season on Karioi Maunga

Oi! -
It's our favorite time of year!

Oi aka grey faced petrel are a focal species for the Karioi project. It’s an amazing sight to behold when Oi arrive at dusk on a cold, stormy winter night to roost and breed on the coastal cliffs around Karioi. Oi are one of the few burrowing petrels to still survive on the mainland, and we're very lucky to have Oi on the Raglan coastline.

This year, we have new field cameras which have allowed us the opportunity to observe these special birds at their burrows as they come in at the start of the breeding season. We've got some  great footage. Check out this video that we made so that everyone can learn about this wonderful seabird!

Thanks to WWF New Zealand, Tindall Foundation, DOC and Waikato Regional Council for supporting our monitoring and predator control work.



Rebecca Towle