Join the Backyard Hub with Nic!

Nic is our Volunteer Extraordinaire! - Checking traps, dropping bait to our team of 35 regular volunteers and running the Karioi Backyard Hub. If you haven't met Nic yet, here is what she has to say about trapping in her own backyard. 

"I started trapping predators in my own backyard in June 2016.  Little did I know how many possums and rats were lurking within.  Since then I’ve caught 38 possums, 16 rats and 1 hedgehog!  The forest floor is lush with new seedlings and I’ve had tui, keruru and piwakawaka visiting. It’s pretty motivating with such a result to keep going."

The Karioi Backyard Hub is a trapping initiative set up by the Karioi project. The backyard hub aims to support and educate people to trap for predators around their own home.  It’s an opportunity for all residents to contribute to the volunteer work that has been happening since 2009 on Karioi Maunga.

The process is easy – contact us at or email we’ll be in touch to arrange a suitable time, you’ll get a visit to set you up and then you’re ready to start trapping!

If you don't have the inclination to hike up Karioi, then this is a great way to still be involved and also encourage biodiversity within the Raglan area.  So come join us and help bring back the dawn chorus to Whaingaroa!  


Rebecca Towle