Meet Amber Jones, our After School educator

Meet, Amber Jones, our Karioi Kids & Rangers & After School Program Coordinator. Amber has been with the Karioi Project for two years and has been integral in developing our new After School Care Programme which has launched in term three! A trained teacher with 15 years’ experience in early childhood and outdoor based education, we’re lucky to have Amber on the team! Amber’s love of life shines through in all she does. While working on the Karioi Project she easily balances children’s learning while maintaining the fun factor. She’s quick with a smile to assure even the most timid child that they are heard, supported and welcome.



What led you to working for the Karioi Project?


I grew up with a younger brother. We spent a lot of time playing in the bush around Waitetuna. Sometimes we’d be out there for days making huts and cooking and playing in the stream.


I spent over ten years working at or managing childcare centres in NZ and Australia. I was always really lucky because the centres that I worked at wanted to get the kids outside more. When I came back to Raglan to be closer to my family, I wanted to continue teaching but in a way that was connected to people and nature.”


I love kayaking, mountain biking, traveling and going on adventures.


What are your favorite parts of the job?

Having an amazing and supportive team.  We all bring different skills and everybody’s patient and kind. I also love seeing the kids master a new skill or gain a new idea about the environment. You see them really switch on, see things in a different way, and find their own space in the world because of it.


Epic places in NZ you love to visit?


I love Mussel Rock. I also love all of our trap lines because they’re off the beaten track. Outside of Raglan I love the South Island, especially Kaikoura. And overseas, Nepal (even though there’s no sea around).


Your favorite playtime activities?

Rock climbing, exploring new places, being around the ocean, going for walks, mountain biking, meeting new people.


Karioi Kids and Rangers are our after-school outdoor adventure clubs. Kids meet once a week to go on a new adventure and explore their own backyard.   

Our brand new After School Care program will run 5 days a week, based at Raglan Area School to support working families. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the Karioi in-school and after-school environmental programs.


Rebecca Towle