Oi are back for more !

Oi have once again returned to the Whāingaroa coastline, and parents are now busy looking after a single egg.

Both parents share care – and will return to take turns sitting on the egg and feeding the chick once hatched. At the moment eggs are tucked underground in burrows on cliffs between Ngaranui beach and Indicators. Chicks have to survive for up to several weeks, in the burrow, alone and unprotected while the parents are at sea feeding until the chicks fledge in mid to late December.

Oi are especially vulnerable to predation during this period. Our team continues to monitor burrows with 24-hour observation cameras, which allow us to look after the burrows with minimal interference, identify active burrows, and respond to predator incursions.

We’re so thankful to our many volunteers that check traps, Backyard Hub members that do predator control in their own backyard, and landowners who allow us to work on their land where Oi burrows are present.

This year, we are excited to once again be working closely together with our partners Te Iwi Tahi Pest to establish and increase predator control in priority areas.

Rebecca Towle