Backyard Hub expands into Whale Bay

Whale Bay residents have joined the trapping action!

Local residents Linley Court, Suz Hall and Shelley Davenport hosted a Karioi trapping introduction for the neighborhood, knocking on doors, handing out leaflets, and looking up homeowners to invite every household in the neighborhood.

By working together, Backyard Hub members in Whale Bay and all around Whāingaroa can help bring back the dawn chorus. It’s easy to calculate all the benefits in a community that values its natural beauty and community connections. When we remove predators such as rats, weasels and stoats, we give all birds a chance to raise their chicks, not only oi but also local tui, tomtits, silvereyes, kereru, morepork, bellbirds and kaka!

When we preserve our threatened species and improve biodiversity we create greater ecological resilience and restore our unique coastal ecosystem.

Our traps are offered at discounted rates or can be borrowed at little to no cost from the Trap Library.  Everyone is given training in trap setting and data collection through an online app called TrapNZ.

The TrapNZ app displays maps and graphs of all the traps and data we collect.  A great citizen-science initiative and incentive to collect your data too – as you can compare what you have caught with your neighbours and friends!

For more info contact our Backyard Hub Coordinator Nic at


Rebecca Towle