Oi 2018 Season Update

Sad news ... last week a stoat decimated one of our Oi colonies at Indicators. At least 7 chicks were predated on and all that was left were empty burrows. Camera footage and an autopsy confirmed our worse suspicions...over the course of a few days, a stoat visited each burrow, killed the chick and dragged it out.

The team are devastated! Staff and volunteers have contributed so much time and care to protecting these chicks for the last 6 months. They were only weeks from fledging.

Camera footage below shows both the incredible beauty and ability of these creatures/predators but also their devastating impact on NZ unique wildlife. (Video in comments below shows stoat taking chick from burrow - WARNING - may be upsetting!)

We have since trapped two stoats nearby which we hope will protect our other Oi sites. If you want to help, volunteer or donate - www.karioimaunga.co.nz

Rebecca Towle