Meet Ranger Duncan - our newest team member

Thanks to funding from Department of Conversation, we have been able to add to our team. (Ranger) Duncan Mackay started with us this year. Since you'll probably be seeing him around, we thought we'd introduce him here!

Where are you from?

 I was born in Essex, grew up in the countryside in the midlands and the south west. I was living and studying in the city of Plymouth before moving to Raglan. Nowadays I like to say I'm from 'Earth'!

I first arrived in Raglan May 2011, loved it, secured a job, have been living here since Nov 2011. Raglan is a paradise and now I'm stuck here!

As you started as a volunteer, when did you start volunteering for the karioi project?

Around three and a half years ago. It was a great opportunity to get out into the forest doing something useful, and also a wonderful way to meet like minded people.

What are your passions?

I'm passionate about life, love. Fascinated by people and what they do. Enjoying the place I'm in, the people around me and doing something useful to help it all on its way. I love my family, my friends and my cat. I think doing a good job and succeeding is something that is very important to me, I'm very motivated by producing something beautiful with my efforts, standing back and watching it flourish.

What else do you do for work/play/life?

My regular job is as a surfboard builder; I have been the understudy to Mike Thomson of Raglan Longboards since I arrived in Raglan and I contract for some of the other brands in town as well.  Leisure time for me is surfing, gardening, poetry, philosophy, surfing, learning, hanging out with my cat Tequila or my friends, hanging ten. I also enjoy getting into my garage and making something fun for someone, usually out of wood. I'll meditate every day with some juggling balls or a balance board.

What will you be doing over the next year with your role in the Karioi Project? What part of your job do you enjoy most or are you most looking forward to?

So far I have started a feral cat control program - currently concentrating around the Oi burrows to protect the new chicks before they fledge around Christmas when I will be expanding the program, along with more intensive possum control. I will be conducting an audit of all the tracks and trails that the project have produced over the years and doing a general clean up of the Maunga. This will also involve writing some protocols for others to follow in the future. I most enjoy being out on the Maunga and getting in amongst the plants and trees, the mud and the noises. I love the variety the job brings, the new challenges, new learning and teaching opportunities and of course the people I work with. 


Rebecca Towle